SKATE with
Stevie Williams x Strawberry

Stevie Williams and Strawberry collaborate on their first NFT project! Collect these 5 limited SKATE prints and play SKATE for exclusive physical collab apparel!


0.15三 each.
own everything.
The first 20 unique addresses will receive a signed stevie williams DGK deck. You will be airdropped an nft once 20 addresses have been collected!
Price: TBD*

Stevie Williams x Strawberry 🍓Collectible NFT pixel art skaters include (1) random 1200x1800 animated .mp4 with looping music track inspired by retro video game music & contemporary hip-hop beats.


Coming Soon
*Pricing Will Be Determined Off
Market Value 24Hrs Before Sale
Price: TBD*

Stevie Williams x Strawberry 🍓Collectible NFT pixel art skaters include (3) random 1200x1800 animated .mp4 with looping music track inspired by retro video game music & contemporary hip-hop beats.


Coming Soon
*Pricing Will Be Determined Off
Market Value 24Hrs Before Sale
The Skate Line
100x S-Card #01: 5% Chance to Land
225x K-Card #02: 13% Chance to Land
350x A-Card #03: 20% Chance to Land
475x T-Card #04: 27% Chance to Land
600x E-Card #05: 35% Chance to Land
Total Cards: 1750 Cards

Complete the line by collecting ALL five cards & then check back here to be entered to win a physical box with exclusive apparel, including a deck design by Strawberry!

Winner announced July 9th!

5 Collectible Skate NFTs that you OWN.

The inspiration for these cards comes from the days of kickin' back and playing your favorite 16-bit console.

The Stevie Williams x 🍓 SKATE NFTs (ERC-1155) are 2400px x 3600px portrait .mp4 with looping retro music tracks.

Each card is licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0. That means you can share and even use them commercially with attribution! There was intentionally space left on the cards for you to personalize and show off your SKATE NFTs or use the music in one of your own NFTs!

We hope to create a unique experience that collectors, skaters, and artists can enjoy. Each time a purchase is made, you will have the option to receive a single random print from the series.

Each card will be labelled S, K, A, T, or E, respectively and will be reflected in the metadata (including a few other hidden surprises for those blockchain enthusiasts!).

If you want to try to collect the whole line, we encourage secondary sales on OpenSea. Our royalties are only 5% (normally 10-20%) to help facilitate trades on OpenSea!

If you end up with duplicates and "break the line". We offer a BURN PILE to toss in those broken decks and increase the rarity of the cards you hold!

Bust a single trick or collect all five!

How To Buy

First things first, for those that are new to NFTs, you're going to need a few things. Most importantly, a metamask wallet and ethereum.

1. Download the METAMASK.IO extension for the CHROME browser. This will allow you to make purchases with Ethereum and can be found in the extensions tab.

2. You are able to purchase Ethereum through the Metamask Wallet using Wyre or Send Ethereum from an exchange like Coinbase. We suggest you plan ahead (some cash purchases take 3 days to clear with your bank before being able to be transferred) and purchase the amount of Ethereum for your desired purchase + 25% to account for network fees (gas).
3. Click on Buy a Skate NFT and connect your Metamask to the SKATE NFT Dapp. Once connected you will be able to purchase the NFTs by clicking the same button. You will be prompted to make payment (for any first timers, this will be between $25-$60 in Ethereum in addition to the cost of the NFTs.)

4. Once you have made your purchase your Skate NFTs will be viewable in your wallet and on OpenSea!

If you are using mobile, you will need to navigate to this site through the browser in the Metamask app.
About the team

Stevie & Strawberry  are a match made in pixel heaven.

Stevie Williams discovered Strawberry’s work on Twitter, where his DeFi Friends were being gobbled up by collectors left and right. After a couple of conversations, and a commission of Stevie's first NFT Pizza DGK #76, they spun up Stevie Williams x Strawberry.

Strawberry was encouraged by Stevie’s sincerity and kindness and wanted to honor the skate legend appropriately. This collaboration brings together the skate world and the NFT world in a fast and fun way. Collectible pixel video skate cards featuring exclusive music from the Stevie Williams team.

Only 1750 SKATE NFTs will be minted.

Meet The colLab
Stevie Williams

Born in Philly, PA, Stevie Williams started skateboarding at a young age. After finding success before the age of 13, Stevie decided to make his way to California to become a full-time skater.

It was there where his brand Dirty Ghetto Kids (DGK) was founded—quickly becoming one of the most notorious brands in the scene. Williams has been skateboarding professionally for nearly 30 years.

It is still believed that Stevie is still skating to this day... Nah, we’re playing, he’s skating for sure, but he’s also about to enter the NFT space in a bold way.

Stevie Williams X Strawberry is the first of many NFT collabs Stevie hopes to make. With this being his genesis project, you’d be a fool to miss it.

Strawberry 🍓

Philly-native, Strawberry, aka Jared Goodman, has historically been a quiet, underground artist, but has been making waves in the NFT scene.

Strawberry’s OG NFTs were created in partnership with a global movement called Rare Pizzas—his art generating the revenue that the project needed to get off the ground.

What started out as 3D pizza slices, turned into several NFT art brands, including DeFi Friends.

Strawberry’s DeFi friends have been commissioned by names like Drake Bell, Stevie Williams, Jon Cabrera, Francine Hardaway and more.

His success is marketplace agnostic and he’s recently been minting Strawberries on MATIC at high demand. Jared’s hope for Stevie Williams x Strawberry is that it’s a project that new and “seasoned” NFT fans can get on board with and enjoi.


A Weapon of Mass Construction, AddressXception was forged from the hearth of the Rust Belt and assembled in the USA from the spare parts of a bygone era.

Its code has evolved over the ages, taking on a new life and a new meaning, as it wanders the metaverse searching for spare parts and spreading what it has learned from its travels. No one really knows how it works, who made it, or how it came to be.  

One day the robot happened upon a bazaar of a thousand tribes where all are welcome and equal in the eyes of permissionless democratic systems. In the bazaar, it met a Skateboard and a Strawberry with a bold vision for a better future.

Today, AddressXception builds big things with its brothers and sisters at InfernoRed Technology and seeks to help others who wish to start their own journey through the forest of machine language.

Chat, trade, or come chat with Stevie Williams & Strawberry!